Where and When to Airbnb

Where and When to Airbnb

  • Feb
  • 15th
  • 2018
  • NHS Global Events

You’ve got that friend – we all do – who doesn’t stop about how great they think staying in an Airbnb is. You can save some cash in a great location in a big city. So how big a threat is Airbnb to the hotel industry?

NHS Global Events Sourcing Manager Sarah Veldhuis has some thoughts on the subject.

She recently attended an industry-wide conference and by her own admission, registered a bit late. Just 45 days out. At that point, the headquarter hotel was sold out and rooms at other hotels in town were rather expensive.

“I’ll admit, the location and quality of my Airbnb were great,” Sarah says. “What was lacking compared to being at the hotel was security. That was a big factor.

“Also, during conferences, the evenings are filled with social events that provide great networking opportunities. That was something I missed out on by not being right there. Even though my Airbnb was fairly close to the conference hotel, it takes much more effort to get to these events than if you’re right across the street or an elevator ride away. To say nothing of the convenience of room service or nearby restaurants or convenience stores when you need them.”

Her conclusion: “The extra cost to stay at a hotel would have been worth it. It’s important to think about the different amenities that hotels offer that you take for granted.”

That said, Sarah does say, “Airbnb makes sense for vacations or when you’re traveling with friends or family. But not as much for a solo traveler unless you’re completely comfortable with the area you’re staying in and know it quite well.”