NHS Global Events – Week 41 of 52

NHS Global Events – Week 41 of 52

  • Oct
  • 19th
  • 2018
  • Aaron Puckhaber

Futuristic technology, unstoppable passion, and winters spent soaking up the sun; these are the topics we cover this week!

First, we look at 21 events that use monochromatic color schemes to outstanding effect.

Later, we prepare for the next chapter of meetings and events, where speakers can be streamed into the meeting as holograms through Vimeo’s Telepresence technology. This new technology won’t just be for famous stars; it will be for everyone! On the hotel side, get ready for facial recognition, iris scanning, and fingerprint scanning, all of which will be faster than traditional room keys, improving guest experience and security!

Next is a Harvard Business Review article about why expressing your love for your work can help you land your dream job. Passion Trumps Everything!

Finally, we finish off the week by preparing for winter. Not by gathering up blankets, coats, hats, and gloves though. It’s Forbes’ list of 5 outstanding luxury beach villas for the winter, and we are ready to take your team to the sunshine!

Quote of the Week: “Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination” -Daniel Bell

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