Leave the logistics to us.

Let’s face it; you have a lot on your plate. With NHS Global Events, we’ll take care of the details and give you time to focus on more strategic decisions that impact your organization. From sourcing the right AV company to negotiating the contracts to handling the registration process and more, hand your checklist over to us.

  • Site Selection – The right destination with the right rooms at the right price – thanks to the right partnerships. 
  • Contracts – The negotiating skills and legal expertise to make sure the dotted line is signed in your favor.
  • Agenda Development – The know-how to help you create a schedule that keeps your attendees tuned in to your message from start to finish.
  • Marketing Communications – The creative juices that makes your meeting marketing campaign resonate in inboxes, news feeds and status updates.
  • Registration – The expertise to build your customized online registration website for simplified data integration and cash collection.
  • Post-event Reporting – We wrap things up with extensive, sensible reporting that provides measured financial and survey results.