Here Are a Bunch of Reasons Why Flying Might Be Fun Again

Here Are a Bunch of Reasons Why Flying Might Be Fun Again

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  • 2018
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No matter how long you’ve worked with us, no matter how much credibility we’ve established over the years, you’re probably going to think we’re just plain “stretching the truth” when you read this.

Please, trust us. We are not making this up!

There is free “stuff” to be had at airports all around the world.

In a recent article for CNBC, Harriet Baskas writes that “many airports in the U.S. and abroad offer a wide variety of free amenities. Some are available year-round, while others may be tied to a certain season or event.”

We’re talking about things like free yoga rooms at San Francisco International, O’Hare and Midway in Chicago, Miami International and Dallas/Fort Worth International.

“At Los Angeles International Airport, Denver International Airport and Missouri’s Kansas City International Airport travelers can set their own price, or simply leave a tip when getting a complimentary shoe or boot shine at an airport stand.”

At airports in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Singapore’s Changi Airport, you can catch a free movie. London’s Heathrow has a team of free personal shoppers ready and waiting. In Milwaukee, you can play ping pong for free. And O’Hare, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Orlando and Dallas-Forth Worth offer CPR training.

Sixty airports actually are handing out airport themed trading cards. Others are providing free water bottle fill ups, museum and art displays, free musical performances. But we’ve saved the best for last.

“Dozens of airports now have specially-trained therapy animals that mingle with passengers in the terminals and help them beat stress. But San Francisco International has a pig on its team, Denver has a cat, and miniature therapy horses visit the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport twice a month.” Reason enough to hop on a plane and fly right now.