Don’t Fault Us Because We Love Accuracy!

Don’t Fault Us Because We Love Accuracy!

  • Dec
  • 19th
  • 2017
  • NHS Global Events

We know. We drive our clients absolutely crazy sometimes. Especially when it comes to putting together specs for an RFP. We don’t mean to be so dogged about accuracy at times, but we can’t really help ourselves. It’s how we operate.

Sourcing Specialist Bailey Shultz drew the short straw as the NHS Global Events employee who has to explain our unbending desire for spot-on data.

“It’s still a seller’s market for group meetings.” Bailey explains. “All the hotels are experiencing high demands in contracting meetings. So it helps greatly when we have real numbers and specific meeting requirements when the RFP is sent.”

But wait, Bailey’s on a roll. She has a little bit more to tell you.

“Some of the hotels and resorts we’re dealing with are seeing 100’s of RFPs a day. So if we present one that is vague or unclear, we’re not going to get the same response and service than if we have all the numbers buttoned up and in order. When we make it more difficult for the hotel, we wait longer for a response and can be presented with more vague figures.”

Whether you love math or not, presenting the most accurate specs from the outset does have a positive impact for our buyers.

Thank you, Bailey.